What will you create with Particle MEsh?

With each new contest a rotating group of judges from the Particle team will comb through the latest #ParticlePowered Mesh creations posted on Hackster and award prizes to those that stand out the most. 

For our first contest since the launch of Particle Mesh, we'll be giving away the ULTIMATE Mesh Bundle! The winner will also be showered in admiration with promotion on all Particle social media channels, and will be profiled on the official Particle blog.


To make the pot even sweeter, the first 5 people to submit a complete Particle Mesh project to the contest will automatically win a Particle Debugger & Particle Xenon


How can I enter?

Submitting to our Mesh Makers Contest is easy.

  • If you don't have one already, create a profile on Hackster.
  • Next, upload your project to Hackster, complete with detailed instructions, thorough descriptions & lots of pictures.
  • Be sure to share your project on social! Don't forget to tag @Particle on Twitter and @Particle_IoT on Instagram with the hashtag #ParticlePowered to really stand out.

 What are the Judges looking for?

  • Creativity: These are some of the first projects ever to be built with Particle Mesh. Let's see what you can think up! 
  • Completeness: Your project should be fully fleshed out on Hackster, complete with any appropriate code, schematics, BOM, etc.
  • TechnicalityIs your project technically sound in its design and documentation? 
  • Functionality: Make sure your project actually works! 

Need some inspiration? Look no further than the #ParticlePowered projects already submitted to Hackster.



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